Ask your children. Do you wish to excel at all kinds of interviews? Aspire to make your classroom performance and your interaction with teachers more exciting? Would you like to run for the president of the student union? Or becoming the next leader of every social club that you are a member of? How about boost your public speaking ability so that you can make more friends?

If there is at least one Yes to any of the questions above, then please come and join our public speaking classes. This training course, uniquely introduced by Indigo Education Consultants, is now open to the public!

Our teachers are all native speakers with many years of experience in teaching creative writing and public speaking. One of them is a former president of Toastmaster, the prestigious public speaking training organization. She has trained many students in several public speaking contests in Canada and they have won numerous awards. She herself won the speech education achievement award as well as other honours.

This course will train your children to express their own ideas freely and with a constructive voice. They’ll learn to bravely stand on the stage to show different sides of themselves. They will be encouraged to reach their full speech potential and a present themselves with energy. They will feel different about themselves in front of a microphone. Their voice is more powerful than they think!

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